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People who notice everything but remain silent are to be feared.

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Anonymous asked: Um, wow....you're just wow. I really hope people often tell you how good looking you are cause you definitely look amazing....if people don't I'm not sure what's wrong with them! I hope you're having a good day!!

well you sure made my day brighter with this :’) 

(imagine i’m hiding my whole face in my hands while going ‘aaaaaaaaaahwhat youaretoosweet’)

Only while playing Mario Kart will you truly learn to know the people closest to you, trust me. 

before and after I see the picture I took and I just give up on trying not to make a face nobody can stop me

when the Summer Pornathon is finished, I’ll post all my entry together just in case someone was wondering :’) 

"I will have your head if I hear such insolence again."

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Anonymous asked: So what are you studying actually?)

drama/theatre :’)


So I sometimes do fandubs, and this time, I decided to make a fandub of a K Gillan interview just to train my Karen impression, and i’m quite proud of the outcome of it. :D (bear in mind that I’m french and that I’ve trained my american/british/currently-training-my-scottish-accent throughout the years) I had to cut and do several takes because it’s difficult to do it all at once (that’s why the vid might look a bit weird) when you’re not a native speaker !

This is the original video, if you want to compare : (x) From 0:46 to 2:11