Im at my mum’s and we have really shitty wifi here, so im spending all my time studying to my exam and drawing so yeah

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FYI Merlin is a nail biter

#only when he’s stressed #which is most of the time #and Arthur notices and doesn’t like it #so he bats Merln’s hand away every time he starts doing it #and Merlin huffs and crosses his arms and waits for Arthur to look away #and then goes right back to it #until Arthur takes Merlin by the wrist #and brings Merlin’s fingers to his lips #and kisses them #and Merlin just melts #and promises to stop doing it #but he makes sure to do it every once and a while #just so he can see Arthur kiss his fingers and look that tender again #stop me before i kill myself with cute (clotpolesonly)

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Sometimes I start a more elaborated project and halfway through I decide that I actually don’t like it at all… But lucky you, I finished it anyway this time.

This one is based off this post, because I think it’s the best crossover in the history of forever (though it might not work because HP Merlin supposedly went to Slytherin and I can’t picture BBC Merlin in that house.. but whatever). 

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Anonymous asked: So have you ever played 2048

Yes i have :>

Anonymous asked: Please continue the Merlin comic??? It would make this anon very happy. ^^

I will try my best! I’ll see what i can do, but i’m not sure where it should go, but yeah! Time will show!

mcloveoin said: ARE U IN OSLO

no actually he is in Tromso, but be sure if I ever go there I will tell you! but no he is in Tromso, since he is from here to speak of yeah, BUT omg i’m drunk. i can’t write help me

drinking tequila and wine with my buddy Philip! seriously i missed him! 

The pair who are destined to — well, the two pairings, I suppose, who are destined to end up together — in a, you know, in a different way — Lancelot and Guinevere… and Arthur and, God forbid, Merlin.” - Bradley James

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A lionheart

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